Game Regulations

Key Items:

·      Games will be played 5 v 5 with a maximum of 10 players on the roster

·      Games always start every 30 minutes (see event day schedule)

·      All competitions disputes will be dealt with by Joe Schissler.

·      All games will be 20 minutes in length: 2 x 10-minutes halves with a strict 1-minute halftime.

·      Home team will be the team listed in the left column of the schedule.

o   The home team will start with the ball.

o   The away team has the option to select the side they start on.

o   Teams switch sides at half.

·      Referees will keep score and time.

o   Rolling substitutions are allowed for all fixtures. Must wait for a stoppage in play.

·      Referees will keep track of the game ball at each field.


Playoff Rounds:

·      Should a match be tied at the end of regulation time in the playoff rounds, a 2-minute 3v3 sudden-death period will be played where the first team to score will be declared the winner

o   A coin toss will determine which team starts with the ball.

·      Should the match still be tied following the five-minute sudden-death period, the first team to have scored a try in that particular match will be declared the winner

·      Should neither have scored a try in that particular match, pool seeding tiebreakers will be used to determine the winner


Pitch Size:

·      80 x 53


Kickoff and Restarts After Scores:

·      Tap and pass at the start and after half-time

·      Restarts after scores – tap and pass

·      Neither team may move before the ball leaves the first players hands – the first receiver must pass the ball immediately.

o   The ‘first player’ in this instance refers to the undertaking of the tap and pass. No player from either team may move before the ball is passed.

o   Once the ball has left the first players hands, players from either side can start to move.  

o   The ‘first receiver’ in this instance refers to the player receiving the ball from the ‘first player’.  

o   The first receiver can move as soon as the ball is passed from the tap and pass – as can any player in attack or defense. Therefore, the first receiver can receive the pass when moving – however he/she must pass immediately to a teammate



·      Try – 1 point

·      Ball must be grounded on or over the try-line.

·      If a player is flagged during the act of placing the ball on or over the try-line, the flag pull counts, a try is not awarded and play continues.

·      Pool seeding tiebreakers:

1)    Head to Head

2)    Points Against 

3)    Points Difference 

4)    Total Points Scored



·      Pulling of the flag.

·      The ‘flagged’ (tackled) player may take three steps before a pass is made.

·      The ‘flagged’ (tackled) player has three seconds to make a pass.

·      A flagged ball carrier can score if they are within one step of completing the action.

·      If a team does not score within 6 flags, possession shall be turned over to the other team at the point of the 6th flag

·      Flag-guarding is strictly prohibited, a flag-guarding infraction will result in a turnover.

o   Flag-guarding includes; tucking or hiding flags, or blocking an opponents chance to pull a flag (ie. Fending)


Offside line:

·      Where the ball carrier stops after the flag is pulled, not where the flag was pulled.

(maximum 3 steps).



·      Tap and pass should be used for all infringements.


Kicking for Points / Kicking in Open Play /Rucks / Mauls / Scrums / Lineouts:

·      None